Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spring Inspired Poetry

Although spring has been in full swing for about three weeks I thought I'd share some of my spring inspired poetry anyway. And I decided to upload this little bee and flower picture too in honour of the season. It was one of the first pictures I ever took with my treasured (but not so often used) camera. I hope spring lingers a little longer this year than last - but minus the mosquitoes, of course!



palm tree

unaware it might take root
(as it did in the centre of her hand)
she caught a seed one afternoon
a seed, brown and bare.

it disappeared through the
pink and left a small hole
until she awoke one day
with a pillow of soil under her
head that had carried her
into the morning.

the soil came up from that small
hole right in the centre of her hand
so she offered it to the sun
and cried salt into the black grit.

the next day she awoke to find
she had fallen asleep in a tall tree.

a tree rooted deep into her palm.


afternoon light

the city is a library:
office blocks like shelves
stacked onto each other
into the distance in any direction
you look and all the way
to the ceiling in some places
and in the afternoon when
the sun is returning into
the west these skyscrapers
of shelves throw out
shadows into kitchens
of homes where women
stand at the sink
with foamy hands.

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