Friday, October 7, 2011

The Great (or not) Comeback

It's been over a year since I have posted a blog entry. This will be my attempt at a great (or not) comeback. Not sure what happened, guess I got busy, much like everyone else. It's no excuse, really. I know I must start writing again. And although the massive blinking cursor on the white page of a Word Document is incredibly intimidating, I will have to re-learn. This is a line in the sand, a promise to myself, to re-learn how to express myself in poetry and prose once again... a welcome challenge in my dusty headspace!

As some inspiration, I found one of my favourite poems and decided to share it here. I particularly love the last stanza.

You Walked Gently Towards Me
by Ben Okri

You walked gently towards me
In the evening light
And brought silence with you
Which fell off when
I touched your shoulder
And felt the rain on it.

We went through the city
Up the roaring streets
Full of many lights
And we sought a place
To be alone
And found none.

The evening was merciful
On your smile.
Your laughter touched
The hungry ghosts
Of passing years.

You moved smoothly
On the waters
Your shadow sounded of silk
You led me to places
Full of mellow darkness
Secret coves where they
Didn't let us in
And under the rain
You bid me kiss you with
Your silent and uncertain eyes.

We walked home
And the rain laughed around us
With its insistent benediction
And your hair was strung with
Your face with glittering dreams
And my eyes were wet
With your luminous spirited joy.