Friday, March 12, 2010

Short (very short) Stories.

Challenge of the Day Complete. For now, anyway.

- She slept in their bed while he hid the nude photograph behind the least read book on the shelf.

- Peeling an orange with his thumbs, he nodded in the direction of her relentless talking wishing she would just stop.

- The nine-year-old stood shaking the air in front of the mirror with his right hand, “It’s good to finally meet you, Mr President.”

- The vibrating cellphone under the cushion made her jump, “I found it, I found it! I was sitting on it. Thanks, Mary.”

- Now is the time, he thought, while fingering the ring in his pocket as the plane landed on the tarmac behind the glass.

- “I had to make the decision and now she blames me,” he raised his voice, “she holds a grudge as tight as a bloody rosary, manipulative woman!”

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